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Welcome to the TaylorLautnerFanClub WikiEdit

Hello, this is the non-official Taylor Lautner Fan Club. If you have anything to post here, or if you're in love with him, just want to know about him, or have anything to add to what I've said, then this is the place to be. Add anything you want, as long as you're quite sure it's true.

Basics About TaylorEdit

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 11th, 1992. His parents Daniel and Deborah Lautner also had another child, Taylor's little sister MaKena. At 5 he started baseball and at 6 Taylor began studying Martial Arts at Fabiano's Karate School, and immediately recognized his natural talent for it. He was quickly invited to train with 7 time world karate champion Mike Chat and at 8 was invited to represent the US in the 12 and under division at the WKA where he became a champion winning 3 gold medals, ranking #1 in the world. NASKA's Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms. He also started football. At 12 he became 3 time Junior World Champion.

At age 7 he developed a love of acting, when his martial arts instructor encouraged him to show for a Burger King commercial. He was unsuccessful, but he loved it and decided to pursue his career. When he was 10, the Lautners decided to relocate to L.A where Taylor could audition much easier. He found himself being accepted more often in Mini-roles in shows, and found fame when he starred in "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl", ironic considering his fear of sharks. Small Parts "My Wife and Kids" (2001) "The Bernie Mac Show" (2001) as Aaron "He's a Bully, Charlie Brown" as Bully (2006) "What's new Scooby-Doo?" as Dennis (2005) "Shadowfury" (2001) Kismet "Danny Phantom" Youngblood (2005) "Duck Dodgers" (2005) 'Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century' Reggie Wasserstein "My Own Worst Enemy" (2008) 'Jack Spivey'

Movies Grownups 2- 2013 - Frat Boy Andy

Incarceron- 2013 - Finn

Stretch Armstrong- 2013 - Stretch Armstrong

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2- 2008/2012 - Jacob Black

Valentine's Day- 2010 - Tyler Harrinton

Abduction- 2011 - Nathan

Tracers - 2016 -

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